Safe, low maintenance, good aesthetics, high-quality, durability, comfort. These are a few of the main features good, quality hardwood floors come with. Maintenance is key and proper cleaning is a must in order to effectively prolong the lifespan of your floors and keep enjoying them for many years to come. ASAP Carpet Cleaners specializes in the entire array of hardwood floor cleaning services for residential and commercial customers. We can help you expand the life of your hardwood floors through every cleaning job, while leaving behind the shiniest, brightest and best-smelling floors. Our specialized wood floor care team brings together commercial-grade technicians who are IICRC-certified and can guarantee a job well done according to the highest industry standards.

Find out exactly what it is that we can do for you and your precious hardwood floors and what you can do to further protect your investment.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services We Offer

  • Residential and commercial hardwood floor cleaning
  • contaminants and bacteria elimination through advanced cleaning
  • debris removal
  • professional scrubbing
  • detailed hand cleaning
  • second scrub techniques
  • top coat application for enhanced safety

Get in touch with us for any hardwood floor cleaning needs and we will help you get rid of unsightly dirt, debris, spills, natural oils and various other contaminants known to take a toll on your floors. Stop weakening your floors because of improper, ineffective cleaning and avoid having to pay a small fortune in repairs. Clean floors are healthy floors and our professional team of cleaners is here to extract all the hidden dirt that usually gets deeply embedded inside the boards and the pores of the floors. We manually clean and dry all surfaces, including stairs and harder to access areas and we finish each job by applying a top coat for extra shine and enhanced protection against dirt.

Home And Office Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We know simply mopping your floors will do nothing but get you rid of any surface dirt and dust. Mopping is not able to reach stubborn bacteria found inside the pores of your boards. Our advanced cleaning procedures are able to accomplish a lot more than what your regular vacuuming and mopping can do.

  • With the help of industrial power vacuum cleaners, we will first eliminate all visible traces of debris and dirt, then use an auto scrubbing featuring an alkaline cleaner, followed by a second auto scrubbing featuring a neutral cleaner.
  • Our aim is to bring back the original sheep in your wooden floors.
  • We will next proceed to manually scrub all edges and stairway areas to ensure no dirt is left behind.
  • With the help of our state-of-the-art debris removal equipment and its powerful cylindrical action, we will effectively loosen all residue that might have remained stuck to the pores of the boards.
  • With the help of our professional extraction equipment, we will then proceed to pull out the cleaning solution and leave your floors dry, or manually dry them for you, depending on your needs.

Debris Removal Services

Our debris removal techniques allow us to get you rid of all the large pieces of debris and other contaminants that might have reached your floors. This process will get your floors ready for our advanced floor cleaning gear and the next stage of the cleaning, which is the scrubbing.

Professional Scrubbing Services For Hardwood Floors

With the help of our carefully developed steam cleaning hardwood floor care and intensive treatment, our technicians will effectively tackle all traces of dirt that is more difficult to eliminate through the debris removal technique. With the help of a cylindrical agitator, they will loosen and remove all residue and remote the professional cleaning products in the floor using special extraction methods.

ASAP Carpet Cleaners also specializes in second scrubbing procedures that will thoroughly pick up any remaining residue.

Hand Cleaning Services For Detailed Jobs

  • Our experienced floor cleaning technicians will clean all edges and area that are more difficult to reach using conventional mops and perform manual, detailed cleaning.
  • With the help of microfiber cloths, they will successfully capture all traces of surface dirt that might have been left behind.

Protective Top Coat Services

We work with clean and maintenance top coat sealers and clean and poly sealers, depending on your personal preferences and the particularities of your floors. Each of these options will leave your hardwood floors looking sparkling clean, while eliminating the need for any sanding.

You will be allowed to make your choice from our satin or glossy finish loo with zero streaks. Choose our maintenance top coating services and we will introduce you to a mix of deep cleaning and floor refinisher application that is a fast-dry product. Our clean and poly top coat application offers a sturdy layer of protection for your floors agains contaminants and water alike. It is an excellent anti-scratching solution that also does wonders against scuffing and it will leave your floors looking brand new for a longer time.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Prices

We are not only fast and easily accessible, but we also cater to your needs while charging some of the most affordable and competitive prices in the industry. Look around, we guarantee you will not be able to find cheaper and better services. Our free, no-obligation, risk-free estimates will give you an idea of what you should expect to pay, while our friendly customer support team will accurately detail all the costs for you for a fully transparent process.

Give us a call today and let us work our magic on your hardwood floors! We can bring the shine back into any floor!

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