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Professional Area Rug Cleaners

ASAP Carpet Cleaners offers the entire array of area rug cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients in the Brooklyn and its surrounding area. Our cleaning process is fully customized and dependent on the type of carpets and rugs you own, as well as your expectations concerning the level of cleaning and maintenance in the long term. We specialize in a series of different types of Oriental rugs, including Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, and Wool Rugs. We are one of the few rug cleaning companies that offer gentle hand-washing solutions that secure damage-free jobs.

Our IICRC-certified technicians also work with deep shampoo cleaning methods and can handle industrial machine washing jobs for large area rugs in commercial buildings. We offer free estimates and area rug testing for determining the most efficient cleaning method that would best work for you. Different types of area rugs require different cleaning and maintenance procedures. Our fully-customized NYC area rug cleaning plans will consider all of your unique needs and provide you with the very best solutions, by also strictly following the manufacturers’ instructions and recommendations.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Oriental rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, and models. They can be pile or flat woven, and made of wool, silk, cotton, or a mix, serving different purposes. Ever since the Middle Ages, Oriental carpets have been an integral part of the cultures that gave birth to them. Most of them have been manually weaved and painted, and have been passed down from generation to generation. They are extremely valuable and can easily reach price tags of tens of thousands of dollars. Having an Oriental rug cleaned professionally means doing more than the regular vacuuming. Direct sunlight exposure, moist, pet accidents, spills, high foot traffic and the wear-and-tear factor will eventually damage your precious Oriental rugs. Professional area rug cleaners can come to the rescue and thoroughly clean and restore your beloved rugs.

Persian Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

The cleaning process is initiated with the help of a thorough dust removal process performed with an air filter. This should help remove most of the debris and loose pieces of dirt. The cleaning substance is a mix of micro filtered water and gentle soap. ASAP Carpet Cleaners use eco-friendly, allergy-friendly soap. The washing process means applying gentle pressure with the help of a system managed by a computer. The system will adjusts itself in accordance to the piles and thicknesses of the Persian rug. Rinsing and cleaning are also best to be completed simultaneously, so over-saturation can be prevented. It is also possible to use proprietary pre-drying systems for the last step of the drying process. A fully isolated room with temperature control features will generate the optimal filtered air needed for the perfect drying conditions. No mold or bacteria will find room on the freshly washed Persian rugs. Finally, our technicians will manually wash the fringes to prevent any damage. A thorough inspection of the area rugs should be performed after the washing and drying cycles, to determine if the fringes require any repairs. The final grooming will be given by an automatic brush with manually controlled pressure levels.

Turkish Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn

Handmade Turkish rugs are famous all around the world for their beautifully weaved patterns. They are weaved in different regions of Turkey and they are some of the most spectacular types of Oriental carpets out there. Their value and uniqueness need to be properly protected against damaging factors. Our experienced NYC rug cleaners specialize in the most efficient and safe cleaning and drying procedures for fabrics, fibers, fringes, colors, and patterns. Whether your Turkish rugs are made of silk, wool on cotton, viscose or wool on wool, or you own a gorgeous Tulu or Kilim, we warmly invite you to get touch with us and let us treat your works of art with the utmost care and consideration.

Wool Rugs Cleaning Brooklyn

Wool rugs are extraordinary additions to any home, and they are also an excellent environmentally friendly option. Since wool is a natural fiber that can renew itself, it does not require any synthetic chemicals for cleaning and maintenance. Plus, wool carpets are good bacteria and dust mite deterrents and their lifespan is impressively long – some would say endless. The secret is for these delicate carpets to be taken care of the right way. Pet hair needs to be brushed out, and spots and spills need to be tacked individually, to prevent the entire carpet from getting wet. Getting a wool rug soaked in water in an attempt to wash it will damage it almost beyond repair. Vacuuming should be moderate, as there is the risk of pulling the fibers out of the rug.

The ASAP Carpet Cleaners team has experience cleaning wool carpets for many years. We use the safest cleaning methods and we also specialize in fiber and fringe restoration services.

Rug Cleaning Prices Brooklyn

NYC rug cleaning services come at different costs, depending on a number of factors and variables. The type of rug you need cleaned and the materials it is made of, its age, cleaning requirements and expectations will all help professional carpet cleaners issue realistic estimates. The ASAP Carpet Cleaners team provides free quotes over the phone, as well as on-site consultations free of charge. If you are not sure about the level of cleaning you want, or the type of service you would like to hire, we can help you figure everything out with the help of a same-day, no-obligation appointment.

Get in touch with us and we will provide you with realistic price estimates, fast and flawless cleaning and maintenance service, and a friendly customer support team ready to answer your every question. Call today!

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