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Tile is a manufactured piece of sturdy material such as stone, metal, and ceramic. Its main purpose is to cover floors, roofs, walls, or tabletops. The use of tiles goes back more than 25,000 years ago. Today, ceramic tile is the number one go-to modern flooring solution most home and business owners alike opt for. The top reasons are its high degree of durability and easy maintenance. But tile is also highly appreciated for its affordable price and impressive functionality. And it even brings excellent benefits to our health, not to mention the aesthetics factor thanks to modern-day digital printing advents.

Unfortunately, tile and grout are notoriously difficult to clean. Regular mopping and vacuuming may come in handy for simple cleaning and maintenance jobs, but stubborn stains and old dirt that has settled deep within the lines of the grout will require different approaches. Get in touch with ASAP Carpet Cleaners in New York today and let us use our most advanced tile and grout cleaning techniques to make your kitchen and bathroom tile look clean and shiny once again. We handle both residential and commercial tile and grout cleaning services at affordable rates and convenient schedules so there will be no disruptions in your regular home and office activities.

H2 Expert Tile And Grout NYC Cleaning

Bathroom and kitchen tile and grout is constantly subjected to dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants over time. They tend to build up and create the dull appearance you cannot get rid of with the help of your regular mopping and household cleaners. Grout is also prone to a similar discoloration process, as dirt accumulates in areas that are difficult to access. Dirt that has remained trapped in tile and grout pores is almost impossible to remove using the regular cleaning methods.

Professional ASAP Carpet Cleaners technicians rely on powerful cleaning systems that actively remove all traces of deep dirt and grout on floor, shower, and countertop surfaces. Our cleaning process harnesses the cleaning power of heat combined with advanced cleaning solutions. We also use expert vacuuming gear and finish the job with the help of a high-pressure rinse that will eliminate the last traces of detergent. We use eco-friendly, green and biodegradable cleaning agents that leave no reside behind. Asthma and allergy sufferers or people who suffer from other types of skin or breathing conditions can rest assured their health condition will not be exacerbated by our cleaning solutions.

Our high-pressure rotary tools feature fast-spinning dual jets and they are similar to the truck-mounted steam or pressure washing we use for carpets and area rugs. The cleaning process is initiated by applying a non-toxic cleaner on the entire surface of the floors that require our attention. This should loosen all dirt, grime, and stains from the surface of the tile and grout line. Hot water and high-pressure methods will next be used by our IICRC-certified technicians to get rid of all traces of dirt flowing into the cleaning machines. All the water will be accurately vacuumed, and the floors will be dried with the help of high-pressure machines, so you can resume your regular household chores or office tasks.

The cleaning process should take between one and two hours, depending on the size of the tile you need professionally cleaned.

Our tile and grout cleaning NYC technicians will then thoroughly inspect the surfaces and identify any damages caused to the floors and fix them.

H2 We Apply Protective Tile And Grout Sealing

Once the tile and grout cleaning process is done, we will apply a protective layer of coating that will keep your bathroom and kitchen surfaces effectively protected against stains, mold, and mildew for the next couple of years. Colored kitchen and bathroom grout will also be subjected to our special color sealing process that should ensure its protection in the long term.

For best results, we recommend you use a neutral cleaner on your sealed floors. Rinsing your bathroom and kitchen tile and grout after the regular mopping should also help you maintain your floors looking bright and clean for a longer time. Stay away from cleaners that contain harmful substances like bleach, as they could cause your tile to break down prematurely and wear away at the protective coat.

H2 Tile And Grout Cleaning Prices

The pricing of a tile and grout cleaning job involves a lot of variables and factors. Among them, the length of the job and the processes used, the cleaning agent and equipment used, the need of restorative treatments, and more.

We do not charge different prices for different types of materials. However, the soil absorption factor may influence the final price of the cleaning job. Granite and stone are particularly porous materials, which makes them prone to absorb dirt and moisture more rapidly. The extra labor needed to clean these surfaces and the additional treatments used will add to the final price.

The labor costs are included in the total package price we charge. For more details on our pricing, get in touch with us and ask a free, zero-obligation estimate today.

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